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Tudors Fitted Bedroom Service

Crown’s LifeSpace has been designed to provide clever storage throughout the home. The flexibility of this furniture allows your imagination to create and maximise the available space in each room for the ultimate efficiency in storage.

Offering tailored living, with shelving and storage to meet the versatile expectations of modern life – you will soon appreciate the flexibility of LifeSpace and start to see how you could use it throughout your home. With over 30 colour and style options on offer we are sure you will find something to suit your home and your taste.

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Maximise Your Bedroom Space

Crown LifeSpace not only looks impressive but it is also designed to offer perfect functionality. Individual features include file drawers, bi-fold doors, double hanging file drawers, pull out shelving, moulded pencil trays and desktops. 

Mix and match the features and choose according to your lifestyle and storage needs.

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